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Pre-Save "Live Laugh Love" on Spotify Now! (New Trailer) 💃♥️🕺

Our shiny new track "Live Laugh Love" is out a week today on the 21st September!

Please show it some cheeky pre-save love and we will live laugh love you forever. 😘 To entice you into our extravaganzas, we have released a brand new trailer for "Live Laugh Love" too with as much tacky ideas in it as we can for both your and our own amusement. 🤪

We honestly believe this is our best song so far and we all had so much fun in the studio both recording it and working on the music video (as you can tell 😉).

So please help us in celebrating "Live Laugh Love" and pre-save now on Spotfiy. 🥳 👉PRE-SAVE HERE👈 #TheHotDamn #LiveLaughLove #PreSave


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