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The Hot Damn! - Love Rocks Festival 2022 (Behind The Scenes) ♥️🪨🥳

Updated: Jul 8, 2022

Join us in our recent behind the scenes video on what the band got up to at Love Rocks Festival 2022. Gill Montgomery gets excited over milk 🐮, Laurie Buchanan christens her new shot glass 💀, Lzi Hayes finds fun in a bundle 🤗 and Josie O'Toole has car troubles. 🚗🪦💨 🙏 Thank you to Love Rocks Festival for having us and to all the backstage crew for your efficiency. We had a blast! 💪🏻 Also HUGE thank you to everybody who joined us in having all the fun! Love Rocks Fest, Jim Love ♥️, The Backstage Team, Jon Theobald (Photography)📸, Mojo Rox for our lovely Tequila tipple 🥃, Neil Hunter for being our tie-dye model (if you were there you'd know) 😉, Heidi Kerr for always helping with the merch stand 👕 and last but not least, SKAM, Jeff Gilbert, Phillipa Douglas, Gary Pieman Cox and Helen Cox for helping us out with our car troubles! 😘 #TheHotDamn #LoveRocksFestival #BehindTheScenes



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