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Josie O'Toole reveals new tie-dye drum kit for Steelhouse Festival 2022. 🥳🥁🌈

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

As if we couldn't get bright enough, the kind folk at Natal Drums have helped us out yet again with our bodacious tie-dye ambitions. 🤪 This time with a rather vibrant multicoloured drum kit that Josie will be using for the mighty Steelhouse Festival this year.

Fun fact: This used to be Chris Wood of Bastille's drum kit and the kit has also been used for multiple gay pride events that Natal are affiliated with due to its fabulousness so aren't we lucky to be trusted with such a thing of beauty. 🌈🥁💃

Thank you to Harry at Natal Drum's for aligning the stars and trusting us to take the kit off Natal’s hands for a wee while. 🔥💪


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