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Happy International Women's Day! 🥳💃

To all our sisters who have inspired us to do our thing and paved the way… THANK YOU! We hope we can pay it forward somehow, some day. There’s still a mountain to climb in so many ways but things ARE changing and we’re proud to be part of that. The first photo is us doing our thang at the Planet Rock Winters End Festival 2022. The second photo is the true work horses behind kicking our asses into gear and getting shi*t done! 💪 Terri Chapman (left) is our Manager who has built Rock People Management (RPM) from scratch. Heidi Kerr (middle) has recently taken up the role to help us whenever she can on merch and anything else we require when she's out on the road with us. She is band mum. ♥️🙌 And Josie O'Toole (right) - well, hopefully you will recognise her for also being our drummer. But she also does a vast amount of behind the scenes stuff from tie dying all our merchandise, networking, booking our hotels and all the other boring stuff nobody wants to do. So for that we thank you all and happy International Women's Day! 😘


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