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We have finished the album!!! 🤯🍾🥳

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

Holy heck we finally did it! 🤯

Two years in the making. Blood, sweat, tears, snacks, late nights, early mornings, rewrites, rewrites and more rewrites, knuckling down when we really needed to, breakdowns, cheeky trip to Carlisle to play a show on our day off, celebrations, meeting fans, frustration, happiness, fatigue, hunger and bloody working together when the going gets tough as a team is what made this album turn out the way it has. 💪🔥

We're so proud of everything we have achieved. We can’t even work out what song is our favourite. They all have personalities and they all came from gruelling hard work.

This album is everything Hot Damn! We wrote it for us but we honestly believe that there is a song on the album for everybody. 🤗

Thank you to Matt Elliss, our main man at Axis Recording Studios for dealing with our antics. We have had such a great time working with you and watching you evolve and embrace our weird. 🤣🎛

In the mean time, we can’t wait to show it to you all! But for now, it’s 13 days off to rest and recuperate to freshen ourselves up for the Hayseed Dixie tour. 🚐💨

See you on the flip side! 💙🧡💗💚 #TheHotDamn #AlbumComplete #WeDidIt


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